About Gjensidige Foundation

Gjensidigestiftelsen is Norway’s largest foundation, and is both a significant financial player and an important contributor to socially beneficial purposes.

Gjensidigestiftelsen was established in 2007, and went from being a non-profit foundation to a financial foundation when Gjensidige Forsikring (Gjensidige) was converted into a public limited company (ASA) in 2010. Following the listing of Gjensidige in 2010, Gjensidigestiftelsen currently owns 62.24% of the shares in Gjensidige.

How Gjensidige Foundation is governed

Bilde av styreleder i Gjensidigestiftelsen, Trine Riis Groven.

The Board

In Gjensidigestiftelsen, the board is the supreme governing body. This is unique to foundations in Norway. The board of the Gjensidigestiftelsen has 7 members and is currently chaired by Trine Riis Groven.

The General Assembly

The members of the General Assembly consist of 100 customer representatives who are additionally divided into 19 geographical committees (constituencies) who work with local allocations. These committees make recommendations to the board on which local projects should receive support.

The Election Committee

The election committee must ensure that the foundation has elected representatives in all bodies with the qualifications necessary for the corporate governance of the foundation.

The Control Committee

The control committee must ensure that Gjensidigestiftelsen operates in an appropriate manner in accordance with the law, it’s articles of association, guidelines laid down by the general meeting, and orders from the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Bilde av ansatte i Gjensidigestiftelsen. Foto: Johannes Granseth


The day-to-day running of the Gjensidigestiftelsen is carried out by an administration of 28 people located in Oslo.

Bilde av en gammel regnskapsbok

Key documents

På denne siden finner du sentrale dokumenter for Gjensidigestiftelsen, som ve
On this page, you will find key documents for Gjensidigestiftelsen, such as articles of statues and ethical standards.