Inclusive communities

We know that well-functioning and inclusive local communities create belonging and well-being. An important factor in creating such local environments in Norway is voluntary efforts and member-based activities. It is well documented that activity, social affiliation and involvement in meaningful activities contribute to promoting a good quality of life and mental health. Therefore, we want to create opportunities where more people participate in voluntary work, where more people have a meeting place or place to stay, and where social differences are reduced.

Goal #1:
Increased participation in the volunteer community

Gjensidigestiftelsen aims to help as many people as possible experience mastery and joy through participating in organized leisure activities, getting involved as a volunteer and participating in skill development measures.

Bilde av ungdommer som henger sammen

Goal #2: More suitable places for hanging out

Gjensidigestiftelsen aims to be a central contributor to the availability of suitable premises and equipment for organized and self-organized activities in the local communities.

ung kvinne ser på pc-skjerm

Goal #3: Increased prevention of discrimination and hatred

Gjensidigestiftelsen aims to be a contributor to Norwegian municipalities developing adequate prevention measures against racism, hate speech, and extremism, in cooperation with the voluntary sector.

Do you have an idea that can contribute to creating sound, inclusive communities?

We would love to hear from you if you have an idea that might contributes to one of our goals.