Emergency preparedness, preventing accidents and saving lives and property

Emergency preparedness is important to us and is the basic idea around the protection values that have characterized the history of Gjensidigestiftelsen since the first fire insurance companies were founded over 200 years ago. The foundation therefore contributes to a strong voluntary rescue service. In Norway, we have a unique rescue service based on a co-operative model where volunteers, the emergency services, and the healthcare system work together on emergency preparedness.

Goal #1: A strong voluntary rescue service

Gjensidigestiftelsen shall be a contributor to an efficient, well-trained and forward-looking voluntary rescue service.

Bilde av brødrene Ingebrigtsen som utfører HLR på en øvningsdukke.

Goal #2: More people can save lives

Gjensidigestiftelsen shall be a contributor to life-saving measures and the strengthening of the population’s first aid skills.

Goal #3: Better prevention of fires

Gjensidigestiftelsen shall be a contributor to the work of preventing fires through support for research, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge.

Support for the voluntary rescue service is distributed through FORF. We currently have no open calls within the theme of good preparedness and preventing the loss of lives and property.

If you have questions about our goals or have ideas for how we can work with them, please contact us.